About Us

To help small and medium size companies distribute their products.


ShipFil is an order fulfillment company that specializes in delivering health and wellness products straight to the customers hands. While working as the Operational Manager for a family business, the owner of ShipFil Trish, came up with the streamlined process to help the family company and similar companies integrate fulfillment seamlessly allowing more time and profit to focus on growth. Trish, realized that she can effectively and efficiently help other entrepreneurs get their products into their customer's hands. The family company is a well known health and wellness company made famous for its products. Trade shows are a frequent activity on its marketing agenda, showcasing innovative products with other entrepreneurs and multinational companies. 

Trish is the behind the scene young lady that makes it possible." This response was so frequent that these entrepreneurs wanted to meet Trish and so they did. When she would go on the frontline with the family company CEO, they were thrilled. Thrilled to meet her, they complimented Trish on her hard work and would always follow up asking if she can consider fulfilling products for them. Trish did not pay much serious attention to these questions about getting their products in their customers hands. She had a conversation with with her brother about this opportunity that presented itself and he said "sis I think you have a business. You should grasp this opportunity and start a fulfillment company because clearly there is a need". Hence ShipFil was born to be the best in class fulfillment company for health and wellness brands.

Who We Are?

ShipFil is an order fulfillment company, helping health and wellness brands get their products in their customer's hands. The best part about it is that we do it

Helping You Grow

To help health and wellness brands grow their business and build impeccable rapport with customers.

Shipping Wide Range of Health and Wellness Products

We ship a wide range of products from small fitness items, wellness oils, disposable needles, supplements, personal protective equipment (PPE), cosmetics products, skin care, hair products and many more. At this time we do not handle perishables nor products over a certain size.

We Are The Best Partner For Your Small to Medium Size Company

We want you to focus more on your core business while trusting the fulfillment to us. Whether it is E-commence Fulfillment, Order Fulfillment or FBA preparation for selling on Amazon, we will handle all your fulfillment needs.

Why Us?

  • 100 % Customer Satisfaction
  • Complete Transparency
  • FIFO - First In First Out
  • 5 S Lean Workplace
  • You can spend your time on more profitable activities
  • We have experience to handle any quantity of items
  • We have been successfully picking, packing and shipping items since 2020.
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